1. Non-Woven Fabric Bag Making MachineThe non-woven fabric bag making machine is controlled by micro-computer and uses a stepping motor to feed materials.
      The machine can fix the length at random, and provides accurate and stable photoelectric tracking. ...
    1. Thermal Cutting Bag Making Machine The thermal cutting bag making machine offers automatic and synchronous two-side tape gluing and automatic punching.
      It features automatic counting and a settable counting alarm.
    1. Non-Woven Fabric Handle Bag Making MachineBag width: 250-600mm
      Bag thickness: 50-150g
      Production speed: 30pcs/min
    1. T-Shirt Bag Sealing Cutting Machine The T-shirt bag sealing cutting machine comes with microcomputer control and material-delivering by stepping motor (servo motor control system optional).
      The bag sealing cutting machine deals with arbitrary fixed-length and provides photoelectric tracking.

Non-Woven Bag Making Machine

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