Thermal Cutting Bag Making Machine
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Thermal Cutting Bag Making Machine

RDL-A Series Multifunctional Computer Thermal Cutting Bag Making Machine

Performance Characteristics
1. The thermal cutting bag making machine uses microcomputer control and material-delivering by stepping motor (servo motor control system optional).
2. The multifunctional bag making machine deals with arbitrary fixed length and provides accurate and reliable photoelectric tracking. The machine will automatically stop when any label is missing.
3. The thermal cutting bag making machine offers automatic and synchronous two-side tape gluing and automatic punching.
4. It features automatic counting and a settable counting alarm.
5. The machine provides heat-sealing of decorative border, automatic temperature stabilization, firm and neat sealing.

The bag making machine is used for thermal cutting and bag making of printing and non-printing plastic films such as BOPP, OPP and PE, etc.

Main Technical Variables

Model of Machine RDL-600 RDL-700 RDL-800 RDL-900 RDL-1000 RDL-1200 RDL-1300
Max. width of base material 580mm 680mm 780mm 880mm 950mm 1,150mm 1,250mm
Material cutting length 40~700mm 50~700mm 50~700mm 60~900mm 60~900mm 60~900mm 60~900mm
Max. bag-making width 580mm 680mm 780mm 880mm 980mm 1,180mm 1,280mm
Production capacity 40~260 pcs/min 40~260 pcs/min 40~260 pcs/min 40~180 pcs/min 40~180 pcs/min 40~180 pcs/min 40~180 pcs/min
Total power 3.5kw 3.6kw 3.8kw 4.5kw 4.7kw 5.5kw 5.7kw
Weight of machine 750kg 800kg 850kg 900kg 950kg 1,000kg 1,000kg
Overall dimension 3,000*1,000*1,800mm 3,000*1,100

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